Revolution is coming

Hello?? The time for wishful thinking and naivete are over. Those in power don’t give a toss about you, your family, or your job. If you don’t have a job, or family, they don’t give a toss about that either. Once people get to a position of affluence and power, it is inherent in them to protect this. To do this, one must be part of the system, and compromise their morailty. There are exceptions of course, but they are too few.
There’s no point reasoning anymore…the system is intentionally bereft of any equality or social/econimic fairness or justice. The problem with changing all this is that most people do not want to be responsible for the teardown of the system. They want someone else to fix it. Only revolution will change this. The problem with a peaceful, spiritual revolution is that we are now too close to the precipice….the new world order is imminent. Hence the revolution will need to be a forceful one, UNLESS we can stem the flow till the 100th monkey awakens….it is up to people who are aware to stand their ground, speak out, and try to educate, or “awaken” their fellow man.

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