100th Monkey

When will more Australians realise that the Australian Government are complicit in supporting ISIS, and other extremist groups in the middle East. There is enough evidence to support the narrative that the US/UK/Israel/Jesuit/Zionist regime are the creators of the situation in the middle East. If you do not agree, please try to stop believing the news/msm and do some research.
When will more Australians realise that most so called terror attacks in the world are planned, and carried out by this same regime, and their associated shadowy organisations behind and above the US/UK/
Israel/Saudi governments.
When will more Australians at least try to see the bigger picture here, and stop getting caught up in the racist nonsense that these regimes have so cleverly orchestrated. The media continues to do its job in both duping you , and inciting hatred and violence.
So you want to stop the Muslims coming to Australia, cos they are gonna destroy us? Well guess what guys, even if you are successful in doing this, you are still going to be fucked over by the same US/UK/Israel/Jesuit/Zionist regime. For these psychopaths, it’s not about justice, or war, or peace, or religion. or equality, or progress. Its about 4 basic elements: power, money, blood, resources.
For all those here who are with me, let’s continue to speak out despite the ridicule, the disbelief, even the hatred. We will reach that 100th monkey, I believe it’s inevitable……

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