George Brandis and the Solicitor General

Anyone else here think the whole George Brandis affair re the Solicitor General stinks to high heaven?
Seems to be less transparency and hence greater secrecy is the modus operandi here. I understood the Solicitor General was a somewhat independent post, as opposed the the political appointment of a parliamentary member to the AGs post.
Throw into the mix that there is something very off about George Brandis, along with Turnbull, and you have a vile, toxic, and dangerous mix.
Unfortunately I see the next year to be an increasingly paced downward spiral.
Politicians are essentially protected from this, so they don’t give a toss about you, your family, your job, or your health. They protect their own.
What are we to do? It is becoming increasingly difficult to criticise, let alone try to hold these leeches to account. Its becoming more difficult to gather in groups and have a louder voice. Shall we just all toil on, and pray for that 100th monkey….?

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