What is going on in Australian politics?

What is happening in Australian politics? Since the election a few months ago, the political scene has become a joke. Very little of what was promised during the election campaign is being addressed, let alone being acted upon. The news has been dominated by gay marriage plebiscites, immigration, free speech etc. While these issues are important, the political elite have been sidelining more pressing concerns, and the situation has devolved into a back and forth media grabbing banter about not too much.

The great mantra of Malcolm et al during the campaign was ‘jobs and growth’, ‘jobs and growth’, ‘jobs and growth’. One would summise that upon winning the elction, however minor the win, the elected Government’s central driving force would be in the area of said ‘jobs and growth’. But no, it has beome a sideline, as other less significant issues, some very petty, have dominated.

We are experiencing trying times in this country, as in many other countries of the world. Full-timers are becoming part-timers and casuals, and available jobs are shrinking. The oft mentioned gap between rich and poor, is actually something which is occurring. More and more people are struggling to live a decent life. Many are living just to work and survive, with little to no available funds to actually have a life – and these are people with supposed full incomes.

Meanwhile the political elite bicker back and forth, do little else, and distract the public from the fact that most politicians are merely protecting their jobs. In a way I can’t blame them for doing this, as we allow it to happen.

Well the political tide many be turning. The Brexit and Trump phenomena are somewhat in line with Australia’s election results, with the rise of the minor, more independent parties. Unfortunately, the ‘independence’ of some of these parties is now coming into question as the quid pro quo’s flow back and forth.

Perhaps its time to actually burn down the house……..


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