Donald Trump - POTUS

The Trump question and the great awakening

“I give you, Mr Donald J Trump, President of the United States of America”

Now, although  I have followed the rise of Mr Trump since early in the primaries in 2015, the above statement still seems to me like a line from a movie, or perhaps a Simpson’s cartoon. Nevertheless, here we are, in the first 100 days of his real, actual  presidency. And what a beginning!

From endless executive orders, tweets, rants, protests, crying, sobbing, the list goes on. Again, it all just does not seem real. I still feel like I am going to wake up from a long, very lucid dream.

From enacting a refugee ban, threatening Mexico and Iran, roasting the Australian Prime Minister, his diplomatic method and delivery are just not of this world; at least not of any world as yet.

What are we to expect? Will an assassination ensue to end the supposed madness? At least then we can all go back to being robbed and pillaged by the global elitists in relative tranquility.

Some call him a dictator. But even a dictator holds his cards much closer to his chest than Trump.
Others think him mentally unstable, a madman. But what does this say about the society that elected him to the high office?

If you believe Presidents are selected, not elected, then what could be the plan of those who elevated him to power?
Just what is the overall raison d’être for the Trump phenomenon? Is it really the beginning of the end of days, as the christians say? Or are the masses waking up, and Trump is the model that has broken the mold? It may be a bumpy, crazy ride for a while, but surely it’ll smooth out as the years roll on, long after Trump has gone. Wont it?

Or will he go down in history as THE catalyst for THE turning point in humanity’s awakening? Not for his vision, or his leadership, or his moral virtue, but for the shock value he is giving to the world; for the reaction he is causing that is in effect, dismantling the old system.

“I give you, Mr Donald J Trump, President of the United States of America”


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